About us

We are a producer of high-quality boards which are durable, stable, fast, and affordable at the same time.

It is definitely easier to use a board without extra effort to paddle and at the same time without worries about falling into the water after each stroke as it is common on long and narrow racing boards. Tambo brand is offers user friendly and effortless boards.

The winners of the European Whitewater Championships in Lofer 2016 Honza Rott and Iva Dundová has choosen Tambo as their racing gear as well as Tomas Vanecek and Kristyna Babiankova, who scored silver and bronze medal in the Europeans 2017 on flat water.

Our focus is mainly placed to allround boards for everyone. Paddleboards works great for beginners on flat water as well as for professionals on waves or white water. A perfect glide and stability is achieved by the unique shape which is sufficiently wide, combined with good rocker, light weight, and solid construction. Our paddleboards are smoothly gliding on the water surface, the ride is easie, faster and more enjoyable.

Our SUP paddleboards are built from  “dropstitch”. We use the latest generation of the highest quality of ESD material. Thanks to construction, it is possible to inflate boards up to 25 PSI. However, sufficient and recommended pressure is 18–20 PSI. Dropstitch is the internal supportive paddleboard construction which is composed out of thousands of fibres connecting the board and the bottom. Each fibre has its position and supportive function.

Patrik is co-founder of TAMBO. The main designer and long-distance competitor. Patrik used to be a olympic windsurfer.

Patrik Hrdina


Adam Bořil

Tomas is one of the most important organizer in Czech Republic and also one of the best universal competitors. His favorite board is TAMBO CORE 10'5'' ESD.

Tomas Vanecek

Kristyna is our youngest teamrider. She likes whitewater, but she is also a good flatwater paddler.

Kristina Babiankova