TAMBO 11´3″ WINDSUP 2019


TAMBO WINDSUP 11’3″ 2019

To this board, it is possible to attach sail and you can find a US-box for one bigger fin instead of 3 smaller on the bottom part of the board. Also, in the gravity centre of the board, there is another US-box for the central fin for better rate of up-wind climb. Otherwise, it is the same board as TAMBO CORE 11’3″ ESD with the thickness 6”.

The board is suitable mainly for beginnings and sailing in the light wind. It can bear also larger sails and it is possible to use in gliding conditions. However, based on our own many years’ windsurfing experience, we can honestly admit that the inflatable windsurfing board is always a compromise. Even though the technology is becoming better and better and the inflatable board is becoming closer to the hard one, it is not at all the same in gliding conditions.

On the contrary, for the beginnings, it is more than suitable thanks to its stability and volume, and even for its construction with soft board which is less likely to cause an injury to a younger rider.

Volume345 l
Weightcca 12 kg
For construction ours SUP paddleboards we use the latests generation dropstitch of ESD material.