This unique MEGA board is suitable for group paddling and riding with two sails, so called tandem Wind-SUP. It is a must for every centre or rental by the water. Paddling in a group is much more fun for beginners than the solo paddleboarding. Based on our own experience of running a rental and organizing sport events, we can confirm that people regard this activity very enthusiastically. During the rides in the Olympic Park RIO Lipno 2016 we received a lot of positive reactions from both professional and lay audience. Sentences such as: “I would never dare on my own, but like this, with my girlfriends, it was a great experience.” were our common joy during the whole event. Megaboard can be also a good floating commercial, it can be used as a boarding pier, and so on. For 2017, we equipped it with fin-boxes in the centre and two inserts for sails on the board (they can be used or not, depending on you). Megaboard can therefore become more versatile and universal sport tool in your rental in comparison with other boards of this type by rival brands.   The load capacity is practically unlimited and the stability is top!
For construction ours SUP paddleboards we use the latests generation dropstitch of ESD material.