Tambo START 10’0” ECO

Paddleboard Tambo Start 10’0″ ECO is universal and suitable for beginners just getting familiar with paddleboarding – no matter if as a sport or just a hobby! The length of the paddleboard TAMBO Start 10’0” is perfect for children or people of a petite constitution.

The paddleboard is constructed from a high-quality one-layer ECO material called dropstitch. The shape of the board is designed to make directing easier and yet keep the flexibility and stability of a bigger paddleboard.

By omitting the accessories we managed to keep the fair price of the paddleboard and focus on the most important things – which is the design, construction, and material! Those are definitively the highlights of the TAMBO Start 10’0.

This paddleboard is suitable for rather calmer waters, but you don’t need to worry to take some running waters or the sea either!

  • Perfect for children or petite riders
  • Is a feather-weight in paddleboards

TAMBO Start 10’0” has three firmly attached fins. This guarantees you an easy preparation, as there is no need to attach them yourself.  The fins are very durable against collision or other kinds of damage. However, if they get damaged it is possible to get them replaced in a professional service.

Volume200 l
For construction ours SUP paddleboards we use the latests generation dropstitch material.
We were focused to offer a high-quality board for affordable price for the begginers. We are proud the mission was succesfull and the TAMBO START is great board for all.
6,5 kg

ECO SUP boards construction TAMBO is made of a single-layer. These boards do not have the surface PVC layer. The new dropstitch generation of materials, however, has such qualities that the stiffness of the board is comparable with multiple-layer boards of other brands. Thanks to higher thickness of the ECO boards, they are tough enough even for more robust riders. TAMBO ECO can be, however, appreciated especially by lighter riders. Their main advantages is approximately 20% lower weight and a lower price in comparison with multiple-layer construction.