TAMBO YOGA 10´5″ 2017


TAMBO YOGA 10’5″ 2017

Inflatable paddleboard 317 cm long, with volume of 233 l and load capacity 110 kg Universal SUP – paddleboard is primary suitable for practice yoga but is also suitable for beginnings, waveriding or white water for advanced and heavier riders. It is the most universal board in our offer and can be used in a fun way by all the family. The board construction is double-layer ESD with lamination and base is from the high-quality material called dropstitch. The shape is designed in a way that the board has sufficient steering on still water, but it is agile and stable in the whitewater rapids. It is exceptional for its excellent glide on water surface. In comparison with the rival allround boards, it goes 10–15 % faster when applying the same effort. The board is suitable also for whitewater races which was proven by the success of the team racers in 2016 with  these boards. The board has three securely attached fins and therefore there is no need for a lengthy installation before a ride. The fins are highly resistant to collisions and in case of damage, it is possible to exchange them in an expert service. TAMBO CORE 10‘5‘‘ x 32‘‘ x 4,8‘‘ YOGA is the right board thanks to which you will really enjoy paddleboarding!
Volume233 l